Section 8 Waiting List & Lottery

KCHA's Section 8 waiting list is closed. The 2,500 applicants on the current list were selected by a random lottery drawing in June 2011. We notified these applicants via printed letters and emails sent in the first week of August 2011.

UPDATE!   KCHA's wait list is scheduled to open for applications Jan. 28, 2015 through Feb. 10, 2015.  Please continue to check our website for further updates.

Check Your List Position

You can look up your lottery number or find out if you're on the waiting list. In the boxes below, enter your head of household's birth date and the last 4 digits of their social security number. The date and numbers must exactly match what you put on your application. If you applied but cannot find your number using this tool, contact the Section 8 office.

Section 8 Lottery Number Lookup

KCHA is now serving lottery number 1,901. Refer to the list below to find out when your number might reach the top of the list. These dates are estimates and may change.

  • 1 to 1,900 — Issued
  • 1,901 to 2,175 — Currently being issued
  • 2,176 to 2,400 - Currently being issued
  • 2,401 to 2,500 - On hold 

Check back each month for lottery number updates. If your address changes, you must report the change in writing to the Section 8 office.  If you have access to a computer, submit your address, phone number and email changes to

Lottery Process

KCHA may reopen its Section 8 waiting list to new applicants after it contacts all of the people on the current list.

When the list reopens, we typically take new applications for 2 weeks. The application is simple — only one printed page. You can either submit it online or pick up a paper form and mail it by the deadline. About a month after the deadline, KCHA draws applicant names in random order. We add the first 2,500 names to the waiting list in the order selected.

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