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KCHA's grievance process applies to residents living in housing we own. It ensures the review of complaints or disputes involving KCHA that may have adversely affected you. We do not use the process to settle disputes between residents or challenge agency policies.

You may use the grievance process to review actions such as:

  • A change in rent you do not agree with
  • A maintenance charge you do not agree with
  • The denial of a request to move to a different home
  • The denial of a reasonable accommodation request
  • A proposed lease termination

View KCHA's complete grievance policy (PDF).

Requesting a Hearing

You must submit your grievance request in person at your management office. You can make the request verbally or in writing. In most cases you must submit your grievance within 10 business days of the action you want to review.

Two exceptions apply: if you have been served a 3-day termination notice (for criminal activity or a threat to health and safety) or a 14-day termination notice (for rent non-payment). In these cases, you must submit your request within 3 business days of KCHA serving the notice.

Informal Hearings

You first meet with your property manager and/or KCHA's regional manager to try and solve the dispute with an informal discussion. We will send you a summary of the meeting and the manager's decision within 3 business days. The grievance process ends if you agree with the outcome.

Formal Hearings

You may request a formal hearing if you do not agree with the manager's decision. KCHA must receive this request no later than 5 business days after you receive notice of the outcome of the informal hearing.

A KCHA-assigned hearing officer conducts the formal review. For disputes less than $100, we choose an impartial employee not involved in the informal hearing. For all other grievances, the hearing officer comes from a list of non-employees selected through a public bid process.

Once you request a formal review, KCHA will work with you and the officer to schedule your hearing. Most hearings take place 7 to 15 days from the date of the request.

Final Decision

KCHA will notify you in writing of the officer's decision. This usually takes place within 10 business days of your hearing.

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