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KCHA provides comprehensive benefits to all regular and long-term temporary employees. Benefits start either on your date of hire or the first day of the next month.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package through the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB). It includes medical, dental, vision, prescription, life, and long-term disability coverage.

Medical Plans

You can choose from several medical plans. All plans offer the same basic benefits and similar cost-sharing. Premiums, provider networks, and benefit upgrades vary.

Managed-Care Plans
These plans prefer that you see in-network providers. You must receive most services through, or be referred by, a primary care provider. You can choose one of four Group Health plans: Classic, Value, Sound Choice, or CDHP. Learn more about medical plans and provider networks.

Uniform Medical Plans
These preferred provider plans offer freedom of choice. In most cases, they let you self-refer to any approved provider. You pay a percentage of the charges for most services. Most services are subject to a yearly deductible. You can choose the Uniform Classic, Uniform Plus (Puget Sound High Value Network and UW Medicine Accountable Care Network), Uniform Select, or Uniform CDHP plan. Learn more about medical plans and provider networks.

Retiree Medical Plan
If you participate in a medical plan, you may continue coverage in retirement. Learn more about retiree medical benefits.

Deductible Reimbursement Plan
KCHA pays 100% reimbursement of medical plan deductibles — from $125 to $750, depending on your plan and family coverage.

Dental Plans

Managed-Care Plans
DeltaCare is administered by Washington Dental Service. It requires you to select and receive primary care from a network dentist. Learn more about the DeltaCare plan and provider network. Willamette Dental requires you to receive care from one of their dentists or specialists. Learn more about the Willamette plan and provider network. Employees do not have to pay monthly premiums for these plans.

Uniform Dental Plan
This preferred provider plan, administered by WDS, offers freedom of choice. It lets you self-refer to any dentist. However, it offers a higher level of coverage if your dentist is a preferred provider. The plan covers service in every county in Washington. Learn more about the uniform plan and provider network.

Term Life and AD&D Insurance

The term life and accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) program has four parts and lets you design your own plan.

Basic Life and AD&D Insurance
KCHA provides $35,000 of basic life insurance for death from any cause. We also offer $5,000 of basic accidental death and dismemberment insurance. KCHA pays for this benefit.

Supplemental Life Insurance for Employees
You may apply for additional coverage in $10,000 increments from $10,000 to $1,000,000. This benefit covers death from any cause. You pay for this benefit.

Supplemental Life Insurance for Spouses/Domestic Partners
If you buy basic coverage for your spouse or Washington State-registered domestic partner, you may apply for additional coverage. You may buy up to one half of the amount of life insurance you have for yourself. You pay for this benefit.

Supplemental AD&D Insurance for Dependents
You may apply for additional coverage in multiples of $10,000 up to $250,000. You pay for this benefit.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Basic Plan
KCHA offers this plan at no additional cost to you. We provide either 50 or 60 percent of the first $400 of pre-disability earnings, after deductible income. The minimum benefit is $50 per month; the maximum is $240 per month. Benefits start after 90 days of total disability, or after you have used all sick leave, whichever is longer. Benefits continue during your disability, up to the maximum benefit period. This period depends on the disability type and the age at which you become disabled.

Optional Plan
The long-term disability plan allows most employees eligible for the basic plan to apply for more coverage. You pay for this benefit.

Flexible Spending Accounts

These accounts let you set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible health care expenses and work-related day care costs.

Retirement Plans

Your retirement benefits are managed by the Washington State Department of Retirement Services (DRS). Its Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) offers three plans.

If you worked for a government agency prior to October 1, 1977, you are a member of PERS Plan 1. This plan typically pays the following monthly benefit: (2%) x (service credit years) x (your highest pay rate over 24 consecutive service credit months).

If you were hired after October 1, 1977, you can choose PERS Plan 2 or PERS Plan 3. Similar to Plan 1, Plan 2 pays a defined monthly benefit: (2%) x (service credit years) x (your highest average pay rate over 60 consecutive service credit months). Plan 3 includes a defined contribution component that lets you choose how to invest your earnings.

Learn more about retirement plans at the DRS website.

Deferred Compensation Plans

You can invest up to $22,500 (or $30,000 if you are age 50 or older) of pre-tax annual earnings through two IRS Section 457 deferred compensation plans. A plan managed by Empower Retirement offers several options. A plan managed by DRS offers 11 options.

Paychecks and Direct Deposit

KCHA normally pays you every other week on Friday. The payroll period ends the previous Friday at midnight. For your convenience, we let you receive your paycheck by direct deposit.

Vacation, Holidays and Leave

Regular and long-term temporary employees receive the following benefits in full.

You earn vacation days based on the number of years you have worked at KCHA:

  • Date of Hire: 14 days per year
  • Year 3: 15 days per year
  • Year 5: 16 days per year
  • Year 6: 17 days per year
  • Year 8: 18 days per year
  • Year 11: 20 days per year
  • Year 16: 23 days per year
  • Year 21: 25 days per year

This leave accrues subject to maximum limits. Part-time employees earn vacation based on the ratio of hours worked.

Sick Leave
Full-time employees receive one day of sick leave per month worked. Part-time employees earn sick leave based on the ratio of hours worked.

All employees receive 12 paid holidays each calendar year. KCHA also provides one personal holiday that you can take when you want, with supervisor approval.

Bereavement Leave
You receive up to three days for time lost due to a death in your immediate family, or up to 15 days for a child, spouse, or registered domestic partner, as defined by the Washington State Family Care Act.

Jury Duty and Court Appearance Leave
You receive paid leave when you serve on a jury or appear as a witness for KCHA in a court of law.

Family Medical Leave
All employees receive up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period. This applies to serious family and medical conditions that affect you, a spouse, a child, or a parent.

Military Leave
All employees receive unpaid leave during active service. This applies to military, reserve, or training duty in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. Both volunteers and those called for duty are eligible. You have the right to return to work when you finish active duty.

Non-Medical Leave
You can request up to 12 weeks of unpaid non-medical leave to deal with personal matters. Approval depends on your job responsibilities, work performance, attendance, and length of service. KCHA must also be able to find someone to to fill your position while you are on leave.

Training and Development

KCHA wants you to excel in your career. We fully cover the cost of seminars and other training, and help cover the cost of classes after you complete your introductory period.

Seminars and Training
You may attend seminars, classes, and conferences related to your job or a future job at KCHA. We pay for 100 percent of approved training.

Tuition Assistance
KCHA reimburses 50 percent of tuition fees, up to $4,000 per year, if you pursue a degree related to your job or a future job at the agency. You must take classes at an accredited university, college, school, or professional group. Tuition assistance must be approved before you start the class. You must receive a grade of "C" or better for reimbursement.

Other Benefits

Employee Committees
You have the chance to take part in a range of committees that deal with workplace issues. These include safety and health, diversity, communication, and "green" business practices.

All-Staff Meeting
Each year, KCHA brings all employees together for a day-long event. It gives you a chance to share information, celebrate achievements, learn what other parts of the agency are working on, and reconnect with other employees.

Service Awards
KCHA recognizes employees' tenure in five-year increments. Employees who have worked at the agency for at least 10 years are invited to lunch with senior management and the board chair.

Professional Dues and Memberships
KCHA pays 100% of the annual dues for professional memberships.

Annual Flu Shots
KCHA offers flu vaccines at onsite locations during the work day.

Employee Referral Bonuses
KCHA offers a bonus if you refer a person hired to fill a regular vacancy. If that person stays on staff after the introductory period, we pay you $300. The bonus rises to $500 for management jobs.

Transit Benefits
You may receive a $40 monthly subsidy for your commuter transit pass. You may also take a pre-tax deduction for the remaining cost of the pass.

Credit Union Membership
You are eligible to join many credit unions in the Puget Sound area.

Employee Housing Access Program
The Employee Housing Access program allows KCHA employees priority access to selected properties within KCHA’s workforce housing portfolio. Our workforce housing is comprised of a number of rental properties sprinkled throughout King County. They feature a variety of bedroom sizes, pleasant amenities, and, most importantly, are affordable. Rents range between 10 percent to 25 percent below market.

Home Loan Assistance
KCHA takes part in HomeStreet Bank's Hometown Home Loan program. It lets you receive many benefits related to buying or refinancing a home. The program offers discounts on some fees, down payment help if you qualify, and free homebuyer education classes.

Alternative Work Schedule
KCHA offers an alternative work schedule, upon supervisor approval. To learn more, contact Human Resources at or 206-574-1100.


KCHA reserves the right to change or end its benefit plans and programs at any time. This page offers only a summary of the plans and policies. In the case of a question or conflict, the official, amended plan documents and policies apply.

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