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Hardship Policy

If you experience a financial emergency or crisis not supported by KCHA’s regular rent policies, our hardship policy can help. Through a hardship request, you can us ask to review your situation. If you qualify, we may approve a new rent outside of the normal review process.

To be considered for a hardship rent, you must first apply for all available benefits. (Benefits include, but are not limited to, TANF, unemployment, and social security.) In most cases, your cost of living expenses must also exceed 50 percent of household income.

Types of Hardships

Reasons for a hardship request include:

  • Extraordinary cost of living. This happens when your monthly cost of living expenses exceed 50 percent of household income. These expenses include your rent, energy assistance supplement, and childcare or medical expenses.
  • Waiver of minimum rent beyond 6 months. You may ask for this waiver if you are at risk of losing your housing due to continued lack of income. (The lack of income must happen through no fault of your own.) You must also have previously received a 6-month waiver from paying the minimum rent.
  • Additional interim review. If you have already had two reviews, you may ask for another if a drop in household income would lower your rent. This only applies to WIN Rent households.
  • Deduction for high medical or childcare expenses. KCHA has a $10,000 deduction cap on medical and childcare expenses. You can ask for a greater deduction if your household’s expenses exceed the cap and are not covered by an outside source. (Note: We compare childcare expenses to the average rates in your area.)

Processing Your Request

Download the Hardship Review Request Form (PDF). You may also ask for a form at the Section 8 office or your management office. Fill out the form, attach any required information, and return your paperwork to KCHA. You can return it to the Section 8 office or your property management office.

KCHA will send your paperwork to its Hardship Committee for review. The committee will either approve or deny your request. This process can take 10 to 30 days. In either case, you will receive written notice of the decision. If KCHA approves your request, we will then calculate your new rent amount.

If you do not agree with the decision about your hardship request, you can ask for an appeal through an informal hearing.

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