Section 8 Vouchers

Affordable rental housing in Bellevue

The Section 8 application waitlist is closed.  If you applied for Section 8 during our recent two-week opening, you will receive a letter from KCHA stating whether or not you were selected by lottery for the new list. Notification will be sent by email or by U.S. mail, no later than March 31, 2015.

Section 8 vouchers help people with low incomes rent homes on the private market. With a voucher, you pay at least 28 percent, but not more than 40 percent (in the first year), of your household income for rent and utilities. KCHA pays the difference between your portion of the rent and the amount your landlord requests.

If you qualify for a voucher, you can use it to rent from any landlord in King County willing to take part in the program. In some cases you may also use it to rent in incorporated Seattle or Renton, or outside of the county.

If you already have a voucher, visit the Residents section of the KCHA website. If you manage a property and want to rent to Section 8 tenants, visit the Landlords section.

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