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EASY Rent Interim Recertifications

If your EASY Rent household's income changes, if certain expenses go up, or if a family member moves into or out of the home, KCHA may do an interim review. We do interim reviews instead of waiting until the full review on your anniversary date. KCHA will automatically perform an interim review in some cases. In others, you must ask for the review.

Required Interim Reviews

KCHA automatically does an interim review if:

  • You want to add a family member to your household. (Note: Your rent will only change if the person causes your household income to go up by more than $2,000.)
  • You currently pay the minimum rent, or previously reported income of $0, and your income goes up. (Note: KCHA must do repeat interim reviews of households that qualify for the minimum rent.)
  • Your income goes up after you previously reported a lower income that reduced your rent.
  • KCHA finds errors, false statements, or fraud.

You must report these changes to KCHA. If you do not, you may have to pay retroactive rent charges and risk losing your voucher.

Optional Interim Reviews

You can ask for an interim review through your senior housing specialist. KCHA will only do an interim review if:

  • A family member leaves your household, causing your household income to drop by more than $2,000.
  • Your income drops by more than $2,000.
  • Your welfare assistance amount goes down, causing you to drop to a lower income band. This does not apply if the drop comes from fraud, failure to meet a work activities requirement, or failure to take part in a self-sufficiency program.
  • Your unreimbursed medical costs exceed $2,000 per year and your total medical costs exceed $2,500. You must also be able to claim reduced gross income due to medical costs.
  • You find errors, false statements, or fraud.

Interim Review Processing

If your change qualifies for a review, KCHA will notify you within 14 business days. If it does not, KCHA will notify you within 30 days.

We will look at all current household income and deductions during the review. If KCHA believes that the results of your review will cause more changes to your household income or composition, we may delay processing the review. This delay will not exceed 30 days.

Your rent may change as a result of the recertification process. The date on which the change takes effect depends on several factors. Learn more about rent change effective dates. If the change affects your ability to pay rent, KCHA's hardship policy may apply.

Rent changes stay in place until your next full review, or until your income goes up, whichever comes first.

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