How to Apply for Subsidized Housing

To apply for all types of subsidized housing, download, print, and submit an application. The application is offered only in PDF format. If your browser or computer cannot open PDF files, download Adobe Reader for free.

Subsidized Housing Application

Please note that KCHA's other rental housing and its moderate-income housing have different ways to apply. They do not use this application.

Fill Out Your Application

The application asks you to provide details about your household. This includes income sources and information about each family member. It also lets you request a reasonable accommodation (such as wheelchair accessibility) if needed.

Primary Waiting Lists

KCHA lets you select subsidized housing from two types of waiting lists:

  • Site-based waiting lists — This option lets you choose up to 2 specific properties. When you reach the top of either list for a home with the number of bedrooms you need, KCHA will offer you housing once a unit becomes vacant.
  • Regional waiting lists — This option lets you choose up to 2 regions in King County: North/East, Southwest, or Southeast. When you reach the top of the list for a home with the number of bedrooms you need, KCHA will offer you housing once a unit becomes vacant. We may offer you housing at any property in the region you select.

You may select up to 2 sites, or up to 2 regions. (You may not select 1 site and 1 region.) In each case, you must take the first housing offered when you reach the top of the list. KCHA may cancel your application if you do not.

Other Waiting Lists

Some properties have their own, separate waiting lists. You may select as many of these as you want. They do not affect your status on the 2 site-based or regional lists. You can choose these lists in the "Additional Housing Types" section of the application.

  • Local Programs waiting lists — Campus Green, Echo Cove, Harbour Villa, Slater Park
  • Private Housing waiting list — Chalet, Landmark, Newporter, Plum Court, Timberwood, Village at Overlake Station, Woodside East

Other housing authorities in Washington and across the country may also have open waiting lists for subsidized housing. You can view a list of these openings on the Affordable Housing Online website.

Submit Your Application

All KCHA management offices can take your application, both in person and by mail. The days and hours that offices are open vary; so call ahead to confirm. KCHA uses its own resources to obtain credit and criminal history checks. We verify information at no cost to the applicant household. KCHA does not accept comprehensive reusable tenant screening reports prepared by a consumer reporting agency at the direction of the prospective tenant/household for use in the screening process. You may also mail your application to:

Central Applications Processing Center
20126 Ballinger Way N.E., PMB #151
Shoreline, WA 98155

After You Submit Your Application

KCHA will add you to your chosen waiting lists after it verifies and processes your application.

We will contact you by mail when your name nears the top of a waiting list. You will need to provide updated household information (such as income, family composition) at that time. You will also have to submit information for background and credit history checks. If you pass the screening process, KCHA will then contact you when a home with the number of bedrooms you need opens up.

If any of the information you listed on your application changes, you must report the changes to KCHA as soon as possible. You can report application changes online.

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