Staff Directory

Click the name of any KCHA department in the list below to view the names, email addresses, phone numbers, and job titles of its employees. You may also search the staff directory by name or job title.

Administrative Services

Amy Williams(206) 574-1188Temporary Senior Accountant
Barb Claussen(206) 574-1114Accounting Technician
Beth Pearson(206) 574-1162Director, Real Estate Initiatives
Brian Hungate(206) 574-1166Manager of Financial Reporting and Analysis
Cheryl Southwick(206) 574-1120Senior Accounting Technician
Connie Davis(206) 574-1110Deputy Executive Director/Chief Administrative Officer
Craig Bartlett(206) 574-1160Safety Officer
Craig Violante(206) 574-1274Director of Finance
Dawn Werner(206) 574-1223Procurement Technician
Debbie Frymier(206) 574-1122Accountant
Diana Spisak(206) 574-1119Senior Accounting Technician
Jeffery Friend(206) 574-1121Financial Reporting Manager
Jenna Smith(206) 826-5339Resource Conservation Manager
Jonathan Pickett(206) 574-1130Accounting Technician
Justin Hackert(206) 574-1115Accounting Technician
Lillian Porter(206) 574-1117Senior Accounting Technician
Linda Riley(206) 574-1112Controller
Linda Roush(206) 574-1167Temporary Accounting Technician
Lisa Seely(206) 574-1132Accounting Technician
Mark Abernathy(206) 574-1124Risk Manager
Michael Larson(206) 826-5329Senior Accountant
Nick Jackman(206) 574-1131Property Manager
Pam Latos(206) 826-5324Senior Business Analyst - Agresso
Patrick Malloy(206) 574-1139Resource Conservation Specialist
Raevel Chea(206) 574-1105Accountant
Simon Thorn(206) 574-1208LTT Maintenance Mechanic
Stacy Robinson(206) 574-1183Accountant
Susan Jensen(206) 574-1109Accounting Technician
Tara Bennett(206) 315-4367Temporary Accounting Clerk
Ted LaFratta(206) 574-1123Budget Manager
Teshager Assefa(206) 574-1182Senior Accountant
Tim Baker(206) 574-1111Senior Management Analyst
Trinh Nguyen(206) 574-1296Management Analyst
Vicki Sherer Brown(206) 574-1113Accounting Manager
Wendy Teh(206) 574-1183Temporary Senior Budget Analyst

Asset Management

Aaron Williams(206) 574-1203Asset Manager
Aran Church(206) 574-1227Senior Asset Manager
Barry Aden(206) 826-5315Construction Coordinator
Benita Farhoud(206) 574-1228Property Manager
Carrie Chase-McNamara(206) 574-1229Senior Accounting Technician
Craig Chang(206) 574-1238Asset Manager
Cristy Thompson(206) 574-1232Long Term Temporary Asset Management Specialist
Daniel Landes(206) 574-1242Senior Development Manager
Dave Allan(206) 574-1233Senior Asset Manager
Hugh Watkinson(206) 574-1230Senior Construction Project Manager
Mary Gonzalez-Hansen(206) 574-1236Asset Manager
Nicole Strom(206) 574-1239Asset Manager
Ray Alton(206) 693-6423Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Tim Walter(206) 574-1231Senior Director of Development and Asset Management
Walter Bailey(206) 315-4397Asset Manager
Wen Xu(206) 574-1235Director of Asset Management

Capital Construction and Weatherization

Amy Kurtz(206) 574-1283Construction Coordinator
Barbara Clark(206) 574-1209Administrative Specialist
Carl Frankel(206) 574-1249Construction Project Manager
Dan Auer(206) 214-1246Construction Project Manager
David Curtice(206) 576-2137Construction Coordinator
Debbie Page(206) 826-5335Construction Project Manager
Deborah McCaslin(206) 574-1216CNA Program Analyst
Delores Mackey(206) 214-1240Administrative Assistant
Donald Hatfield(206) 574-1213Management Analyst
Fawn Sheets(206) 826-5347Construction Project Engineer
Francisca Doherty(206) 574-1272Temporary Office Assistant
Gregg Riley(206) 576-2133Construction Coordinator
Jackie Rhodes(206) 574-1284Office Assistant
Joel Gregory(206) 576-2136Construction Project Manager
John Ricci(206) 574-1134Construction Coordinator/Weatherization Audit Inspector
Kelly Iverson(206) 574-1218Senior Management Analyst
Lydia Smoke(206) 574-1215Temporary Office Assistant
Michael Cuadra(206) 574-1219Construction Project Engineer
Michael Landes(206) 574-1135LTT Construction Coordinator
Michael Young-Hall(206) 576-2132Administrative Specialist
Nikki Parrott(206) 214-1250Director of Capital Construction and Weatherization
Patrick Kaapana(206) 826-5348Senior Construction Project Manager
Ricky Phillips(206) 574-1217Construction Project Manager
Thomas Tyra(206) 574-1271Capital Construction Program Manager
Zach Clegg(206) 214-1363Administrative Program Manager

Central Applications

Amanda Klecan(206) 574-1148Housing Specialist
Catherine Cunningham(206) 826-5328Housing Assistant
Kassie Smith(206) 574-1287Housing Specialist
Liliya Soltys(206) 574-1244Senior Housing Specialist
Marsha Premel(206) 574-1247Senior Housing Program Manager
Shalonda Nesbitt(206) 826-5327Housing Specialist
Vanessa Owen(206) 574-1268Housing Assistant


Rhonda Rosenberg(206) 574-1185Director of Communications


Andrew Calkins(206) 574-1106Administrative Program Manager
Dan Rivera(206) 829-2467Senior Administrative Program Manager
Dan Watson(206) 574-1193Deputy Executive Director/Chief Development Officer
Jessica Olives(206) 574-1194Executive Assistant to the CEO
Kathryn Escudero(206) 574-1288Administrative Program Manager
Sarah Oppenheimer(206) 574-1225Senior Administrative Program Manager
Stephen Norman(206) 574-1190Executive Director

Homeless Housing

Amanda Levings(206) 574-1222Senior Office Assistant
Artice Jackson(206) 336-4636YWCA HASP Housing and Intervention Specialist
Chau To(206) 794-7385HASP Coordinator
Kerrie Philpott(206) 574-1260Management Analyst
Rebecca Stapleton(206) 574-1279Homeless Housing Program Manager


Clair Ervin(206) 574-1202LTT Construction Project Manager
Jodis Zhu(206) 574-1126Senior Accountant
John Eliason(206) 574-1196Development Director
Kevin Preston(206) 574-1199Development Manager
Lance Dragoo(206) 315-4398Construction Project Manager
Marianne Everett(206) 574-1197Management Analyst
Susan Millan(206) 574-1297Construction Project Manager

Housing Management

Andrew Urban(206) 574-1116Senior Management Analyst
Bill Cook(206) 574-1150Director of Public Housing
Chris Clevenger(206) 574-1107Software Implementation Analyst
David Miller(206) 574-1214LTT EPC Construction Coordinator
Judi Jones(206) 574-1152Director of Housing Initiatives
Kathy Jones(206) 826-5337Compliance Assistant
Katie Fries(206) 826-5345Administrative Program Manager
Kristy Johnson(206) 574-1357Senior Director of Housing Initiatives
Kyna Foster(206) 574-1156Director of Compliance and Analysis
Mike Reilly(206) 574-1154Senior Director of Housing Management
Monalisa Gonzales(206) 829-2471Administrative Specialist
Rhonda Hue(206) 829-2469Compliance Manager
Sean Heron(206) 826-5323Senior Director of Leased Housing Program
Suzanne Mai(206) 574-1169Administrative Specialist

Human Resources

Cherie Montanez(206) 574-1159Human Resources Specialist
Julie Stephens(206) 826-5341Talent Acquisition Manager
Luanne Hawley(206) 574-1140Temporary Office Assistant
Marlys Mularchek(206) 574-1101Administrative Assistant
Sabrina Steinback(206) 574-1265Temporary Recruiter
Shawna Broeker(206) 574-1158Senior Office Assistant
Shelly Blessing(206) 315-4371Temporary Office Assistant
Therese Ross(206) 574-1108Human Resources Manager
Tonya Harlan(206) 574-1102Director of Human Resources

Information Technology

Alex Solomon(206) 574-1170Temporary Help Desk Technician
Christy Ruggles(206) 574-1118Applications Development Specialist
David Baldassarre(206) 826-5334Information Technology Specialist
David Branson(206) 574-1171Information Technology Specialist
David Tripp(206) 574-1174Senior Applications Development Manager
Gary Leaf(206) 574-1175Director of Information Technology
Heath Robertson(206) 574-1177Senior Network Administrator
Joseph Ambler(206) 574-1178Help Desk Technician
Lilian Dang(206) 829-2470Applications Development Coordinator
Norris Feury(206) 574-1172Senior Network Systems Manager
Shawn Deluca(206) 574-1173Senior Applications Developer
Stephen Dinh(206) 574-1176Applications Development Specialist
Synnove Fitzpatrick(206) 574-1180Telecommunications Specialist
Tony Srouch(206) 574-1179Network Administrator

Northeast Maintenance

Almir KrvavacSite Based Maintenance Mechanic
Art Hobbs(206) 574-1137Maintenance Mechanic
Arthur Gwinn(206) 574-1141Temporary Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Bradley King(206) 693-6457Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Charles McNairy(206) 574-1142Maintenance Mechanic
Craig Burghart(206) 574-1137Maintenance Mechanic
Dean Hastler(206) 574-1253Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Francisco Serrano(206) 574-1137Temporary Maintenance Mechanic
Geoffrey Large(206) 574-1137Landscaper/Cleaner
James Latham(206) 574-1137Landscaper/Cleaner
Jeffrey Severson(360) 856-0179Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Joel Janea(206) 574-1142Laborer/Grounds
Johnny Do(206) 574-1137Maintenance Mechanic
Josephine Roberson(206) 574-1253Landscaper/Cleaner
Lowell Shields(206) 574-1137Laborer/Grounds
Lyn Vaughn(206) 574-1143Maintenance Mechanic
Mike Premel(206) 574-1137Maintenance Operations Specialist
Nathan Tyo(206) 574-1226Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Nicolai Caradjov(206) 574-1143Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Paul Kindrachuck(206) 574-1226Landscaper/Cleaner
Phetmany Phongsavath(206) 574-1141Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Ryan Woodward(206) 574-1137Regional Maintenance Mechanic - Electrician
Shantel CorralesTemporary Laborer
Steven Christenson(206) 574-1137Regional Maintenance Mechanic - Carpenter
Steven Staats(206) 574-1141Laborer/Grounds
Tekleberhan Gidey(206) 574-1143Laborer/Grounds
Teklu Haile(206) 574-1142Landscaper/Cleaner
Terry Metzger(206) 574-1137Regional Maintenance Mechanic - Painter
Tom Nogales(206) 574-1137Maintenance Mechanic
Tony Beltran(206) 574-1142Site Based Maintenance Mechanic

Northeast Management

Allison Wherry(206) 574-1243Temporary Property Specialist
Amber Walsh(206) 574-1149Property Specialist
Angelina Holverstott(206) 574-1145Property Manager
Caprice Witherspoon(206) 574-1261Property Manager
Catherine Chum(206) 574-1133Property Manager
Chan Wen Wu(206) 574-1237Property Manager
Kelly Trudeau(206) 574-1253Property Specialist
Kimberly Sayavong(206) 574-1245Property Manager
Nicole Deloney(206) 574-1143Property Specialist
Pamela Somerville(206) 826-5320Property Specialist
Shannon McKernan(206) 574-1138Temporary Property Specialist
Taraz French(206) 574-1144Property Manager
Terria Jeglum(206) 574-1142Property Specialist
Vlad Soltys(206) 574-1226Property Specialist
Yichuan Zhao(206) 574-1146Regional Manager


Michael Puccini(206) 315-4380Landscaper/Cleaner
Tho Le(206) 315-4380Laborer/Grounds
Tom Eads(206) 315-4380Maintenance Mechanic

Public Housing

Al Khalaf(206) 574-1208Maintenance Coordinator
Art Litts(206) 315-4378Maintenance Mechanic
Brian Heath(206) 574-1137Regional Maintenance Mechanic
Burgandi McCurdy(206) 574-1200Management Analyst
Catherine Fann(253) 256-1872Laundry Room Attendant
Curt Knuth(206) 315-4378Maintenance Mechanic
Curtis Green(206) 315-4378Maintenance Mechanic
David Huff(206) 315-4378Regional Maintenance Mechanic
Dean Proudfoot(206) 574-1137Maintenance Coordinator
Gene Mackaman(206) 315-4378Maintenance Mechanic
James Turner(206) 315-4378Regional Maintenance Mechanic
Joan MasonLaundry Room Attendant
Jorge Rios-Brennan(206) 315-4378Maintenance Mechanic - Trainee
Kady Sok(206) 315-4378Regional Maintenance Mechanic Trainee
Martin Santander-Fernandez(206) 315-4378Temporary Maintenance Mechanic
Matt Peterson(206) 574-1220Maintenance Manager
Quintessa McPhersonLaundry Room Attendant
Randall Zieman(206) 576-2135Construction Project Manager - EPC
Rudy Schmelebeck(206) 315-4378Maintenance Mechanic
Sang Gartz(206) 315-4380Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Shane Unke(206) 315-4378Maintenance Operations Specialist
Tom Jenkins(206) 315-4378Maintenance Coordinator

Resident Services

Anab Abdi(206) 826-5316Resident Services Coordinator
Anna Yarmulnik(206) 826-5305Resident Services Coordinator
Beth Meshke(206) 574-1299Administrative Assistant
Brian Bailey(206) 574-1286Resident Services Coordinator
Candace Ives(206) 574-1256Resident Services Coordinator
Cara Ianni(206) 574-1293Educational Programs Coordinator
Carol Rose(206) 826-5310Resident Services Coordinator
Diane Stipp(206) 315-4376Resident Services Coordinator
Eden Bossom(206) 214-1367Resident Services Coordinator
Elizabeth Westburg(206) 574-1186Development Manager
Fardus Grimes(206) 574-1163Resident Services Specialist
Felix Rodriguez(425) 415-0982Resident Services Coordinator
Generosa McKillip(206) 826-5311Resident Services Coordinator
Gina Bellisario(206) 693-6448Resident Services Coordinator
Grace Adriano(206) 574-1281Resident Services Manager
James Green(206) 693-6450Resident Services Coordinator
Jason Ritchie(206) 693-6460LTT Resident Services Coordinator
Jennifer Ramirez Robson(206) 574-1275Director of Resident Services
Katie RussellAmeriCorps Volunteer
Ken Nsimbi(206) 574-1354Youth Programs Coordinator
Linda HughesSenior Resident Services Manager
Lisa Watson(206) 574-1359Resident Services Coordinator
Lydia Assefa-Dawson(206) 574-1356Resident Services Coordinator
Mindy Jacobson(206) 315-4372Temporary Resident Services Specialist
Natasha Hundley(206) 574-1147Resident Services Coordinator
Quang Nguyen(206) 574-1157Resident Services Specialist
Rickie Robinson(206) 574-1352Senior Resident Services Manager
Ron Ovadenko(206) 574-1351Temporary Resident Services Manager
Ruben Rivera-Jackman(206) 574-1187Senior Resident Services Manager
Serguei Nikitine(206) 693-6445Resident Services Coordinator
Shanece Dedeaux(206) 826-5325Resident Services Coordinator
Shawli Hathaway(206) 826-5349Assistant Director of Resident Services
Stephen Peacock(206) 826-5338Resident Services Coordinator
Tan Nguyen(206) 826-5309Resident Services Specialist
Ted Dezember(206) 574-1285Senior Resident Services Manager for Educational Initiatives
Tiffany Ngo(206) 315-4392Management Analyst
Tracie Friedman(206) 574-1161Housing Program Manager

Section 8

Ali Bermani(206) 574-1282Housing Quality Inspector
Amarveer Randev(206) 826-5307Senior Housing Specialist
Andrew Zimmerman(206) 574-1292Housing Quality Inspector
Aroon Chandran(206) 574-1276Housing Quality Inspector
Bang Nguyen(206) 826-5303Housing Specialist
Bridget Nwankolo(206) 214-1375Senior Housing Specialist
Carlisa Bacote(206) 214-1355Senior Housing Specialist
Carolyn Robinson(206) 214-1307Senior Housing Quality Inspection Manager
Channie Butler(206) 214-1371Applications Developer
Christine Ho(206) 574-1210Housing Assistant
Christopher Robinson(206) 826-5342Housing Specialist
Cindy Long(206) 315-4394Lead Housing Quality Inspector
Danga Nyambi(206) 214-1373Senior Housing Specialist
Darcelle Rice(206) 576-2127Housing Quality Inspector
Derek Delvalle(206) 576-2139Senior Housing Program Manager
Diana Wiest(206) 315-4373Temporary Housing Assistant
Diane Maxwell(206) 214-1326Housing Assistant
Eka Ayu(206) 214-1372Senior Housing Specialist
Galina Boyko(206) 214-1311Senior Housing Specialist
Ginakay Guerrero(206) 214-1378Senior Housing Specialist
Hindi Hulbale(206) 214-1337Senior Housing Specialist
Jacquelyn Argyle(206) 574-1295Temporary Housing Assistant
Jeb Best(206) 214-1304Director of Housing Choice Vouchers
Jennifer Huber-De Chon(206) 315-4391Housing Quality Inspector
Jennifer Milton(206) 214-1370Senior Housing Specialist
Jervon Aaron(206) 214-1341Temporary Housing Assistant
Joanne Grospe(206) 214-1338Senior Housing Program Manager
Job Pangilinan(206) 576-2126LTT Management Analyst
Julie Biggers(206) 826-5318Housing Quality Inspector
Karen House(206) 214-1328Associate Director of Housing Choice Programs
Kathy Harris(206) 214-1312Senior Housing Specialist
Kelly Libby(206) 576-2138Housing Assistant
Kimberly Ringor(206) 214-1310Senior Housing Specialist
Linda Pratt(206) 214-1374Housing Assistant
Lindsay Niko(206) 214-1376Temporary Housing Assistant
Lisa Pedersen(206) 829-2468Temporary Housing Assistant
LisaTmpTemporary Housing Assistant
Loren Sisley(206) 826-5300Housing Quality Inspector
Lydia Garza(206) 214-1319Temporary Management Analyst
Lyudmila Shornal(206) 214-1335Senior Housing Specialist
Marcia Severson(206) 214-1364Senior Housing Specialist
Maria Abrudan(206) 214-1329Senior Housing Specialist
Maria Gonzalez(206) 214-1366Senior Housing Specialist
Mele Langi(206) 214-1324Senior Housing Specialist
Melissa Swansen(206) 214-1313Housing Assistant
Michael Anderson(206) 214-1327Senior Housing Specialist
Michelle Domenowske(206) 214-1342Senior Housing Program Manager
Millie Adriano(206) 214-1320Temporary Senior Housing Specialist
Mona TschurwaldHASP Coordinator
Nadezhda Marchuk(206) 214-1343Senior Housing Specialist
Nicole James(206) 214-1322Housing Assistant
Pam Taylor(206) 214-1306Associate Director of Housing Choice Vouchers
Pamela Talley(206) 214-1305Housing Assistant
Peter Tran(206) 214-1301Housing Fraud Investigator
Roger Marsh(206) 574-1277Housing Quality Inspector
Rositsa Dimitrova(206) 574-1195Housing Assistant
Sandy Rosenbladt(206) 214-1323Housing Specialist
Santosha Scott(206) 214-1321Senior Housing Specialist
Sarah Contreras(206) 214-1325Senior Housing Specialist
Serena Tran(206) 214-1362Senior Housing Specialist
Serita Cochran(206) 214-1332Housing Specialist
Sharon Tillmon(206) 214-1348Senior Housing Program Manager
Soeun Put(206) 214-1318Senior Housing Specialist
Soravuth Srey(206) 214-1257Housing Assistant
Stephanie Nguyen(206) 214-1315Housing Assistant
Tajma Eaton(206) 576-2128Housing Assistant
Tammey Curran(206) 214-1330Housing Specialist
Tammy Reniche(206) 576-2129Temporary Housing Assistant
Tara Finke(206) 214-1314Management Analyst
Tara Wilson(206) 214-1316Senior Housing Specialist
Tenece Owens(206) 214-1334Senior Housing Specialist
Teri Ekenman(206) 214-1317Senior Housing Program Manager
Terry Ojeda(206) 214-1308Housing Specialist
Trinh Thi Tran(206) 214-1331Housing Assistant
Trung Tran(206) 576-2130Senior Housing Specialist
Vanessa Huston(206) 315-4393Housing Quality Inspector
Vicki Jordan(206) 214-1333Housing Specialist
Vishavdeep Randev(206) 214-1309Senior Housing Specialist
Wendy Carlson(206) 214-1336Senior Housing Specialist
Zaffu Fisseha(206) 214-1339Temporary Senior Housing Specialist

Southeast Maintenance

Adela Hernandez(206) 315-4360Landscaper/Cleaner
Aleksandr Adamov(206) 315-4360Landscaper/Cleaner
Arne Foss(253) 893-7201Laborer/Grounds
Bonnie Helmbrecht(253) 804-0877Landscaper/Cleaner
Curtis Woods(206) 315-4360Landscaper/Cleaner
Dan Weber(206) 693-6419Maintenance Mechanic
David Kent(206) 315-4360Maintenance Mechanic
Duane Christensen(253) 804-0877Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Elvis Doan(253) 856-1889Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Gerald Feery(206) 200-1818Laborer/Grounds
Hasan Al Tamr(206) 574-1263Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Hicham Adima(206) 574-1273Regional Maintenance Mechanic
Jeffrey Grewell(206) 315-4360Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
John Sammons(206) 315-4360Landscaper/Cleaner
Kevin Johnson(206) 200-1818Maintenance Mechanic
Leon Filimonchuk(206) 574-1208Maintenance Mechanic
Mark Norton(206) 315-4360Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Mike Quam(206) 315-4379Maintenance Mechanic
Nathaniel Morris(253) 893-7201Site Based Maintenance Mechanic
Pavel Volostnov(253) 856-1889Landscaper/Cleaner
Ryan Evans(253) 856-1889Landscaper/Cleaner
Ryan Hunt(206) 574-1263Temporary Landscaper/Cleaner
Sergio Rivera Jimenez(253) 804-0877Landscaper/Cleaner
Trinh Ho(253) 893-7201Site Based Maintenance Mechanic

Southeast Management

Adam Whittaker(206) 315-4379Property Manager
Aklilu Eshete(206) 693-6410Property Manager
Danielle Munroe(206) 693-6435Property Specialist
Dave Gashler(206) 693-6434Property Manager
Debbie Kleinman(206) 574-1263Property Specialist
DeMarcus Binion(206) 693-6405Property Manager
Denise Jefferson(206) 693-6419Property Manager
Diana Sandusky(206) 315-4368Property Manager
Kevin Keniston(253) 939-9312Laborer/Grounds
Kim Albright(206) 315-4365Property Specialist
La'Keisha Tiggs(206) 693-6406Property Specialist
LaShanda Carty(206) 693-6417Property Specialist
Marsha Murphy(206) 315-4369Regional Manager
Michael Carr(206) 315-4363Assistant Property Manager
Nadezhda Petrik(206) 693-6411Property Specialist
Penny Bradley(206) 315-4364Senior Property Manager
Philip Perincheril(206) 693-6416Property Manager

Southwest Maintenance

Grigoriy Kaganyuk(206) 957-3605Landscaper/Cleaner
John Domenowske(206) 957-1069Maintenance Mechanic
Keith Olsen(253) 835-0702Laborer/Grounds
Paul McCormick(206) 595-4099Maintenance Mechanic
Robert Rivera(206) 957-3606Maintenance Mechanic
Roy Roberson(206) 574-1278Maintenance Mechanic
Steve Brehan(206) 439-3230Maintenance Mechanic
Wayne Kauffman(253) 835-0702Maintenance Mechanic

Southwest Management

Barbie Hourihan(206) 693-6429Property Manager
Christopher Allman(206) 957-4501Landscaper/Cleaner
Colette Turner(206) 574-1141Property Specialist
Coreen Moss(206) 693-6459Property Specialist
David Toledo(206) 957-1069Temporary Property Specialist
Eric Teodosio(206) 957-4501Landscaper/Cleaner
Keyona Cotton(206) 693-6400Property Specialist
Lisa Hall(206) 693-6399Property Manager
Lisa Herrera(206) 693-6413Property Manager
Marlene Williams(206) 957-1069LTT Property Specialist
Mayra Jacobs(206) 574-1289Regional Manager
Natia Maka(206) 315-4385Temporary Property Specialist
Phyllis Williams(206) 693-6403Temporary Property Specialist
Stephanie Anderson(206) 829-2465Property Specialist
Stephen Olson(206) 829-2464Senior Property Manager
Valentina Tokar(206) 693-6414Property Specialist

Main Office
600 Andover Park W.
Tukwila, WA 98188
Tel: (206) 574-1100
Fax: (206) 574-1104
TDD: (800) 833-6388

Section 8 Office
700 Andover Park W.
Tukwila, WA 98188
Tel: (206) 214-1300
Fax: (206) 243-5927