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DocuSign FAQs

DocuSign is an online platform that allows people to securely sign legal documents electronically. Learn more about DocuSign at their website.

Why is KCHA using DocuSign?
KCHA has chosen to start using DocuSign to help you fill out required forms as quickly as possible. Since DocuSign uses email rather than postal mail, you will get forms immediately, instead of in a few days. You will not need to print, sign, or mail anything. Because this is a paperless process, it’s also more environmentally friendly.

How do I use DocuSign?
You will receive an email from us via DocuSign with a link in it. Click on that link and begin filling in the fields on the forms. When you finish, the document will be sent to the next person in your household to fill and sign (spouse, co-tenant, other adult, etc.). When everyone in your household has signed, you will be sent a link to a PDF copy of the fully filled and signed forms.

How do I know this DocuSign email is legitimate?
You can check the To: field in your email. All emails we send via DocuSign will come from one of the following email addresses:


Is the information I submit secure?
DocuSign meets some of the most stringent US, EU, and global security standards, and uses the strongest data encryption technologies available.

Can I download or print the forms I sign?
Yes. Once you finish the signing process, you will get an email with a link to the finished, signed document that you are welcome to save to your device or print, if you’d like.

Can I still sign paper forms?
Yes. If you would prefer to sign paper forms, you can.

Do I need a DocuSign account to sign a DocuSign form?
No. You do not need a DocuSign account to sign any form we send you.

Does every member of my household need an email address?
No. If adult members (age 18+) of your household do not have an email address of their own, you can enter multiple names using the same email address.

When I click “Finish,” I stay on the same screen. How do I Finish?
Check for any required fields (outlined in red) which are not complete. If you click the “Next” or “Fill In” tab in the left margin of the signing screen, DocuSign will take you to any required fields or signatures you haven’t completed.

Make sure text is entered in the correct format. If you click “Finish” and DocuSign takes you to a field that you’ve filled in, hover your mouse over the field. If a note with red text appears, this means the text you entered is not in the correct format (like a date or a phone number). Follow the instructions in red to format your text correctly.

Can I finish signing a form later?
Yes, you can finish the process later by clicking the “Other Actions” menu and selecting “Finish Later.”  You can also just close your browser. The document will not be completed until you provide all required information and click the “Finish” button.

What devices can I use to fill out a DocuSign form?
You can use a computer, tablet, or smartphone to fill out a DocuSign form.

Can I start filling out a form on one device and finish on another?
Yes. You can fill out a form on multiple devices.

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