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Request for Proposals: REISSUE - General Consulting Services




The King County Housing Authority (KCHA) is issuing a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) from qualified consulting firms to provide consulting services and technical support for its Moving to Work ("MTW") and federally funded programs (Housing Choice Voucher and Low Income Public Housing).

KCHA is a municipal corporation that was created in 1939 in order to provide housing assistance to low-income residents. KCHA operates in King County outside the Cities of Seattle and Renton, and administers over 22,000 apartment units which provide housing for low income households, including families, the elderly and the disabled.

KCHA owns and directly manages approximately 4,300 federally assisted multifamily housing units and administers Section 8 housing assistance to another 14,160 households. Governed by a 5-person Board of Commissioners that is appointed by the King County Council, KCHA has 470 employees and an annual operating budget of $440,000,000.

Scope of Work

KCHA is seeking proposals from consultants that are experienced and qualified in providing professional services in connection with the following types of tasks:

1) Assist in Moving to Work ("MTW") Demonstration planning and implementation including, but not limited to, activity planning, program design, and performance measurement.
2) Assist in the development and issuance of the Annual Plan, identifying changes including policies, procedures, methods, systems, and performance measurements designed to meet MTW program goals. Assist in the development and production of reports as necessary on forms prescribed by HUD.
3) Assist in the development of the HCVP Administrative Plan, Public Housing ACOP, and procedures and other documents to implement MTW and other KCHA strategic initiatives and address operational needs.
4) Provide technical support to identify, analyze and develop recommendations for potential program modifications that may be included in future Annual Plans. Identify and develop implementation steps and schedules.
5) Assist in the review of any and all aspects of KCHA operations in Public Housing, HCVP, development and modernization; assist in program evaluation and provide technical assistance by identifying and recommending changes in areas that require improvement and supporting implementation of those changes.
6) Provide technical support to develop and draft policy papers, memoranda, forms and other materials. Provide program and policy recommendations, reviews and analysis.
7) Provide tailored and interactive training for all aspects of the Public Housing and HCVP focused on program compliance, improved efficiency and customer service; develop and provide training for performance review and monitoring, goal setting, benchmark identification, and internal performance indicators.
8) Assist in the development of communication materials related to KCHA programs.
9) Advise the Executive Director and the Executive Office on strategy; provide support for strategic planning, research, development of strategic goals, and support for implementation.
10) Other related tasks as necessary.

Project Manual Distribution Packet

Date of issue: 10/26/2023. You may obtain the packet from at , , .

Contact Person

Saeed Hajarizadeh
Deputy Executive Director/CAO

Question deadline: 11/13/2023 at

Submission Deadline

11/20/2023 at 4:00 p.m.

Documents (PDF Format)

REISSUE - General Consulting Services
Posted: 10/26/23

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